Positively Re-Enforced

“This ain’t the life that I’m used to, Reintroduced to people I’ve been introduced to,
Did you forget me? Or are you too scared to tell me that you met me, And fear that I won’t remember, I wish you could still accept me for me”  -Drake

Life’s never felt so GOOD.  When you output positive, the people around you feed off of it and therefore reciprocate the feeling.  I know I’ve been on this whole gettin  it done deal, but I’m seriously getting it done.  Motivation, Success, and Ambition.  These three words have become what I am living for.  What are your three words if you can think of any?  I say I’m positively re-enforced because I have such great people around me.  The foundation that you build upon is what your structure stands on.  By structure I mean  ourselves.  As formidable as it may sound, if the ground shakes and the foundation we stand on is weak, remember it all crumbles.  But just because it all falls down it doesn’t mean we can’t rebuild, it takes a stronger person to take the journey of starting from scratch to build an empire.  Define your empire how you want it, just make sure you take care of those that were the hand that appeared from the shadows to help you up.  When you think of strength, what comes to mind? I used to think it was all muscle and just pure brute man power.  Far from it, I see strength when I look at my parents, my family, myself.  They say your only as strong as your weakest link, so you be the first link! The first link is what keeps it together, so you can pick and choose who you decide to add on to this chain of POWER in order to get you to where you need to be.  I just say to all, make your next decision, your best decision.  It sucks to start over, but don’t be afraid to fail because it’s better to live your life having tried than never having tried at all.  Failure is a part of success… Ok so this FUCKING youtube link has been frustrating me, so just click it and you’ll enjoy the damn song. No offense to anyone, just voicing my frustration.

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One Response to Positively Re-Enforced

  1. F-150 says:

    “can’t be scared to fail in search of perfection!” – Jay-Z

    All I have is much love, respect, and admiration for those that have “failed” at something (anything) in life but get back up stronger than ever before and do something about it. It happens to all of us!

    Its like Jay-Z says “ON TO THE NEXT ONE” 🙂

    I appreciate the fact that you always give your family and those around you credit because at the end of the day, family is all you have and they are your true roots to your foundation.


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