Thoughtless Thoughts, Impressive Expressions

Take a look at this picture and think about how much this relates to the article right. At the end of the day this jackass is still gonna get himself a nice hefty ticket. But something like this could be seen as a thoughtful act. So I actually meant to have this as my initial topic because I had been thinking for the longest time of how thoughtless I was, and than it struck me as odd that someone could speak to me like that. Maybe its just an over analysis of it but when are your actions TRULY thoughtless, it must have been thought up at some point in order for me to come up with it. Than I think of impressive expressions, as things that we as individuals inadvertently do. Par example: Your lady/guy gets flowers from someone else and thanks you (Who wouldn’t take the credit right). That’s another good example of the title. Why not earn free points RIGHT!!!

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