Ageless Ageing

So why did I choose this! Welp because I was sitting around stuffing my face with some flaming hot cheetos (Lime Flavored), and thinking about how crushed I was when I heard about sbarro’s going out of business. I loved sbarro’s deliciously greased mall pizza growing up. Than it hit me, I’m all growed up now but I’m not where I want to be only because I haven’t allowed myself to get there as most of us have done.  I haven’t been able to bulldoze those walls we call adversity, only because I make the excuse. I wait until December 31st of every year to tell myself that I’m gonna make it. Think about it everyone, why is that we wait until the end of every year to promise ourselves a great new year! It’s pointless, we are all lying to ourselves, we aren’t getting any younger. If you listen to the grown folk, they sit there and tell you that your best years are from 25-30, the 30 year olds tell you it’s 30-35 and so forth. There shouldn’t be specified “BEST YEARS”, every year should be your best year. Can you tell me when your best years were? What was so good in 2005, or 2002. I sure as shit can’t remember what happened last week, let alone in 2005. I sit around and listen to other people’s conversations (Rude, I know), and I think “what’s wrong with you people”. I find that most men & women feel the need to be married in their mid 20’s, you don’t have to be married by the time your 27! Why should you rush your happiness?!?! Happiness has no time frame. You don’t die after 30, and NO your biological clock isn’t ticking. I’m a dive bar man and find myself meeting most women in my age group trying to rush into such non sense, for what?! Take it easy, life isn’t some roll of the dice, if it was I’d be in some real debt. As a 25 yr old successful man in the making, I find that at some point we all become complacent.  So I say bury that fucking word so far underground.  Your days should be full of GROWTH, and make the best of every year instead of finding a reason to complain about this one.  It only gets better with age, because with age comes experience.  Another dope song by Theophilus London, with a sick Stevie Wonder sample.

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One Response to Ageless Ageing

  1. F-150 says:

    WTF! Why on earth would they close down sbarro’s? Makes no sense what so ever!!
    I appreciate reading this because I am thankful towards my dad who taught me that “everything will happen at its own time,” (sounds better in Spanish). Anyways, what I gather from this is the validity that you lead the type of lifestyle that one would be so lucky to enter and you deserve to be happy so hold out for that because why should everyone else get there “fairy-tale ending” and not you? Afterall, if Carrie Bradshaw got her fairy-tale ending at the age of what-37 or so, then I think there is hope for the rest of us. I love my family and friends that make my life so incredibly amazing and just like wine “the older it is the finer it becomes.” Don’t let anyone get you down or tell you how to live your life-just do you!

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