Massage My Mind With Your Beautiful Thoughts

You would think that this title, was a quote or something deep, to be honest I’m as shallow as a 4 yr old’s toys r’ us playpool, but as a matter of fact I thought this one up. If you can find it anywhere on the web, DON’T shit on my parade!!! I actually came up with this because I realized that I wasn’t always receptive to what anybody had to say as far as what’s on their mind. Usually it’s my way or the highway, but you’d be surprised at what you can learn or what truly troubles people if you just ask and listen. It’s surprising to hear some of the things that people can’t or don’t want to get off their chest. Therefore I’ve decided to start lending my ear and hear what people are thinking because maybe I can help them better themselves, not to say I’m a saint either. I have taken up this new role of being a more positive person and I find that, if you find a way to brighten someones day no matter what it is you do, you are able to find out your potential. I like to call it the power of 1! I came to realize this when I decided to stop making myself an option but yet a PRIORITY. Yes ME. I always forgot the saying of how YOU can’t love anyone until you love YOURSELF. I know my thoughts are all over the place but, think about all the positive shit in this post. I’m trying to make you all feel good today. A good friend of mine and someone who I consider family, who I’ve recently reconnected with told me that, I should share this with everyone only because maybe I could save someone from themselves. Thanks Suzie.

I’ve always forgotten how good it feels to feel GREAT. It doesn’t take much to make anyone’s day, it’s the simple things that count. Think to yourself when the last time you told someone to have a good day. You don’t do it often unless it’s your significant other but even than it’s routine. Break out of that routine, because at the end of the day, if you think you have it bad, think about the person who’s got it worse. So my words to you all is stop being greedy, let someone know that you do care about their day even if you really don’t, it’s the power of WORD that people see and hear. Let a stranger or anyone know that THEY MATTER to somebody. All good deed shall be rewarded, it may not be a monetary reward as we would all like, but remember that this is the true WEALTH that we all so desperately seek.

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3 Responses to Massage My Mind With Your Beautiful Thoughts

  1. F-150 says:

    Dear Soul Man,
    Now if only the entire human population could read this and think about how important the “power of one” is to us, than we (as a society) would begin to turn over a new leaf by helping each other out and not going to war with one another. Money only goes so far but as you said it at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that there is someone (anyone) there for you and if you have that then you truly are the richest person in the world!!

  2. F-150 says:

    While reading your post I thought of the movie, “pay It Forward”, you know the one with that 6th sense boy who has an idea to be nice to 3 people and they will be nice to 3 other people and so on and so on…. As corny as that movie is, the message in the movie is great. I know I tell people on a daily basis to have a great day and I do mean it, but it has become routine. I realized that I do not follow through and actually listen what a paerson has to say about their day. I “hear” what they are saying, but in my own private event, i’m engaging in echoic and intraverbal verbal behavior and waiting for them to stop talking so I can speak. SO at the end of this message, I would like to say thank you because your post made me realize that I need to listen better and I will try to be a better listener
    P.S. I don’t think your shallow 🙂

  3. nueport says:

    took me a while to realize the few truths i know, can’t love someone until you begin to love yourself. self reflection is the strongest jumpstart anyone can give themselves. The second thing i know is that the Al Gore did not invent the internet.

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