Your Mind Should NOT Be The Sanctuary Of Your Thoughts

Okay so your probably wondering what this is, clearly I’m not this clown in the picture daydreaming and with a watermark across my chest. Not that successful yet. This is my blog I’ve decided to start, in order to channel the crazy and random thoughts that I process in my head on a daily, maybe weekly basis. I can’t seem to express them on paper, because than I’d be some fucking loser with a journal… Not my thing. Here I’m allowing you to enter my head and see the type of shit I think about, while on the outside appear to be some down to earth Monday through Sunday Booze hound.

Let’s start it like this, as of late, more like the last two months of my 25 years and 4 months on this earth. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, Pity right! Where the fuck did those years go … Beats Me, but some of them, I can definitely say are at the bottom of a few bottles.  So with this newly discovered hobby, I’ve also been driving myself crazy because first of all, nobody has a solid answer to the shit I think about nor do they really care. That’s how this first entry came to earn its’ title.  I found myself losing my mind because I was keeping all this in my head and drowning my mind in thought.  Shit like that will drive you crazy. So take this as an introduction to me and possibly to the new you that shouldn’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks, ultimately you and I have the answers to all of our problems, but you feel fucking great about letting it out sometimes. Yeah maybe it’s a little IN-sensitive, but last I checked if it’s IN than your IN.  I could say I’ve been DE-sensitized to this whole idea of caring what people think, because on the path to self discovery, it’s not so much a package deal. It’s me alone. That’s it for this one folks. Daydream away to the sounds of Theophilus London. The intro to this video sums up what the inside of my head looks like.

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2 Responses to Your Mind Should NOT Be The Sanctuary Of Your Thoughts

  1. F-150 says:

    I’m only 5 years older than you are but I have to say that “you are the hero of your own song” because you are keeping it real and saying what we’re all thinking but are afraid to admit it. You are right, whenever you say whatever you’re thinking you feel as if the weight of the world has been lifeted up from your shoulders or you feel like taking on the world. So from one mind to the other…ROCK ON!!

  2. nueport says:

    This says it all.

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