Positively Re-Enforced

“This ain’t the life that I’m used to, Reintroduced to people I’ve been introduced to,
Did you forget me? Or are you too scared to tell me that you met me, And fear that I won’t remember, I wish you could still accept me for me”  -Drake

Life’s never felt so GOOD.  When you output positive, the people around you feed off of it and therefore reciprocate the feeling.  I know I’ve been on this whole gettin  it done deal, but I’m seriously getting it done.  Motivation, Success, and Ambition.  These three words have become what I am living for.  What are your three words if you can think of any?  I say I’m positively re-enforced because I have such great people around me.  The foundation that you build upon is what your structure stands on.  By structure I mean  ourselves.  As formidable as it may sound, if the ground shakes and the foundation we stand on is weak, remember it all crumbles.  But just because it all falls down it doesn’t mean we can’t rebuild, it takes a stronger person to take the journey of starting from scratch to build an empire.  Define your empire how you want it, just make sure you take care of those that were the hand that appeared from the shadows to help you up.  When you think of strength, what comes to mind? I used to think it was all muscle and just pure brute man power.  Far from it, I see strength when I look at my parents, my family, myself.  They say your only as strong as your weakest link, so you be the first link! The first link is what keeps it together, so you can pick and choose who you decide to add on to this chain of POWER in order to get you to where you need to be.  I just say to all, make your next decision, your best decision.  It sucks to start over, but don’t be afraid to fail because it’s better to live your life having tried than never having tried at all.  Failure is a part of success… Ok so this FUCKING youtube link has been frustrating me, so just click it and you’ll enjoy the damn song. No offense to anyone, just voicing my frustration.

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Why Wait For Eventually

“I have no regrets in my life …no matter what I do. I can completely fuck up on something and I still don’t regret it. Because at the end of the day, that makes me who I am, so I wouldn’t go back and erase anything, if I were to go back in time.” -Scumbag Steve

Ok ok sorry everyone for the week long hiatus, it took a few people to light the fire under my ass for me to get back on this and get off my booze binge.  I’ve just been drinking and eating so good, indulging in all of it. I couldn’t have quoted anyone sexier than Alicia Keys for this title.  Made me think about how I’m not very pro active about anything, I’ve just been waiting for things to eventually happen.  Nothing ever eventually happens, if  you want it you gotta go get it.  When was the last time something eventually happened to you? Did you eventually get a job? NO! you went out and did it!!!!  Therefore I’m starting to get shit done! For example I’ve been too lazy to re enroll in school to accomplish my TRUE goals (Getting FILTHY rich).  But this isn’t about me, this about all of us who stare at ourselves in the mirror and see things.  Most people are xenophobic, but if you think about it, we aren’t afraid of what’s new or different, we’re afraid of ourselves.  It’s selfish to think that you could be selfish to yourself.  You can’t run without learning to walk first, and as the quote above this post says, don’t regret any mistakes, embrace them instead and put it all together.  As difficult as things get, it’s all just a big puzzle and we’re the centerpiece.  Putting it all together will allow everything to fall into place, find out what it is that’s missing and than make space for it.  If you can’t find it, than it’s already there.  It never comes assembled.  And FYI… I did have to assemble that damn online puzzle… Bastards couldn’t just gimme what I wanted. The second song should light that fire in you.

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Thoughtless Thoughts, Impressive Expressions

Take a look at this picture and think about how much this relates to the article right. At the end of the day this jackass is still gonna get himself a nice hefty ticket. But something like this could be seen as a thoughtful act. So I actually meant to have this as my initial topic because I had been thinking for the longest time of how thoughtless I was, and than it struck me as odd that someone could speak to me like that. Maybe its just an over analysis of it but when are your actions TRULY thoughtless, it must have been thought up at some point in order for me to come up with it. Than I think of impressive expressions, as things that we as individuals inadvertently do. Par example: Your lady/guy gets flowers from someone else and thanks you (Who wouldn’t take the credit right). That’s another good example of the title. Why not earn free points RIGHT!!!

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Ageless Ageing

So why did I choose this! Welp because I was sitting around stuffing my face with some flaming hot cheetos (Lime Flavored), and thinking about how crushed I was when I heard about sbarro’s going out of business. I loved sbarro’s deliciously greased mall pizza growing up. Than it hit me, I’m all growed up now but I’m not where I want to be only because I haven’t allowed myself to get there as most of us have done.  I haven’t been able to bulldoze those walls we call adversity, only because I make the excuse. I wait until December 31st of every year to tell myself that I’m gonna make it. Think about it everyone, why is that we wait until the end of every year to promise ourselves a great new year! It’s pointless, we are all lying to ourselves, we aren’t getting any younger. If you listen to the grown folk, they sit there and tell you that your best years are from 25-30, the 30 year olds tell you it’s 30-35 and so forth. There shouldn’t be specified “BEST YEARS”, every year should be your best year. Can you tell me when your best years were? What was so good in 2005, or 2002. I sure as shit can’t remember what happened last week, let alone in 2005. I sit around and listen to other people’s conversations (Rude, I know), and I think “what’s wrong with you people”. I find that most men & women feel the need to be married in their mid 20’s, you don’t have to be married by the time your 27! Why should you rush your happiness?!?! Happiness has no time frame. You don’t die after 30, and NO your biological clock isn’t ticking. I’m a dive bar man and find myself meeting most women in my age group trying to rush into such non sense, for what?! Take it easy, life isn’t some roll of the dice, if it was I’d be in some real debt. As a 25 yr old successful man in the making, I find that at some point we all become complacent.  So I say bury that fucking word so far underground.  Your days should be full of GROWTH, and make the best of every year instead of finding a reason to complain about this one.  It only gets better with age, because with age comes experience.  Another dope song by Theophilus London, with a sick Stevie Wonder sample.

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Massage My Mind With Your Beautiful Thoughts

You would think that this title, was a quote or something deep, to be honest I’m as shallow as a 4 yr old’s toys r’ us playpool, but as a matter of fact I thought this one up. If you can find it anywhere on the web, DON’T shit on my parade!!! I actually came up with this because I realized that I wasn’t always receptive to what anybody had to say as far as what’s on their mind. Usually it’s my way or the highway, but you’d be surprised at what you can learn or what truly troubles people if you just ask and listen. It’s surprising to hear some of the things that people can’t or don’t want to get off their chest. Therefore I’ve decided to start lending my ear and hear what people are thinking because maybe I can help them better themselves, not to say I’m a saint either. I have taken up this new role of being a more positive person and I find that, if you find a way to brighten someones day no matter what it is you do, you are able to find out your potential. I like to call it the power of 1! I came to realize this when I decided to stop making myself an option but yet a PRIORITY. Yes ME. I always forgot the saying of how YOU can’t love anyone until you love YOURSELF. I know my thoughts are all over the place but, think about all the positive shit in this post. I’m trying to make you all feel good today. A good friend of mine and someone who I consider family, who I’ve recently reconnected with told me that, I should share this with everyone only because maybe I could save someone from themselves. Thanks Suzie.

I’ve always forgotten how good it feels to feel GREAT. It doesn’t take much to make anyone’s day, it’s the simple things that count. Think to yourself when the last time you told someone to have a good day. You don’t do it often unless it’s your significant other but even than it’s routine. Break out of that routine, because at the end of the day, if you think you have it bad, think about the person who’s got it worse. So my words to you all is stop being greedy, let someone know that you do care about their day even if you really don’t, it’s the power of WORD that people see and hear. Let a stranger or anyone know that THEY MATTER to somebody. All good deed shall be rewarded, it may not be a monetary reward as we would all like, but remember that this is the true WEALTH that we all so desperately seek.

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Your Mind Should NOT Be The Sanctuary Of Your Thoughts

Okay so your probably wondering what this is, clearly I’m not this clown in the picture daydreaming and with a watermark across my chest. Not that successful yet. This is my blog I’ve decided to start, in order to channel the crazy and random thoughts that I process in my head on a daily, maybe weekly basis. I can’t seem to express them on paper, because than I’d be some fucking loser with a journal… Not my thing. Here I’m allowing you to enter my head and see the type of shit I think about, while on the outside appear to be some down to earth Monday through Sunday Booze hound.

Let’s start it like this, as of late, more like the last two months of my 25 years and 4 months on this earth. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, Pity right! Where the fuck did those years go … Beats Me, but some of them, I can definitely say are at the bottom of a few bottles.  So with this newly discovered hobby, I’ve also been driving myself crazy because first of all, nobody has a solid answer to the shit I think about nor do they really care. That’s how this first entry came to earn its’ title.  I found myself losing my mind because I was keeping all this in my head and drowning my mind in thought.  Shit like that will drive you crazy. So take this as an introduction to me and possibly to the new you that shouldn’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks, ultimately you and I have the answers to all of our problems, but you feel fucking great about letting it out sometimes. Yeah maybe it’s a little IN-sensitive, but last I checked if it’s IN than your IN.  I could say I’ve been DE-sensitized to this whole idea of caring what people think, because on the path to self discovery, it’s not so much a package deal. It’s me alone. That’s it for this one folks. Daydream away to the sounds of Theophilus London. The intro to this video sums up what the inside of my head looks like.

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